Why have your Upholstery cleaned

Upholstery Cleaning Service Rockville MD

Upholstery Cleaning Service Rockville MD

Having your upholstery cleaned is just as important for keeping a healthy and clean environment as having your carpets cleaned.

Why have your Upholstery cleaned?

Those with pets, kids or antiques, may currently have a handle on this… but then again, maybe not. So have a look at the low down:

Upholstery, as an air filter for your home, acts like your carpeting. Yuck! Your favorite love seat appears a little less appealing doesn’t it?

Dirty upholstery – even if it doesn’t appear dirty! Can pose a health risk to all the members of your family. Allergies, eczema, asthma and more can result from the pollutants your sofas, chairs, settees, and other furniture pieces.

This impacts the longevity of your furniture at the same time. The grit you can’t see is there, and it’s grinding into the fibers a little more each time you sit, wearing on the fabric or stretching it out.

How Often Should you have your Upholstery cleaned?

Upholstery deeply cleaned should be routinely done by a professional as well as vacuumed. Professional cleaning on an annual basis is the general recommendation, but you may want to have it done more often if you have lots of celebrations, children, pets, or other circumstances that issue your furniture to heavy or regular use. Ask your carpet and upholstery cleaning tech to counsel you on the optimum frequency for your special needs.

DIY uphostery cleaning or should you Hire a Professional?

Your upholstery may be comprised of synthetic or natural fibers, or a mixture of both. A reputable upholstery cleaning professional will manage to select cleaning solutions and the proper methods for your own specific needs. So, while doing it yourself may seem like a cash economy proposition, it often winds up costing more. You can, obviously, do your part through routine vacuuming, and by preparing yourself on the nature of your upholstered pieces and their proper care when crisis clean-up is needed.